i join the crystal-eyed turtle's hand

150 EUR
: : : i join the crystal-eyed turtle's hand : : :
by Diane Vincent

Limited edition of 30 copies + 3 APs
Twelve 28 x 20 cm photographs
Printed on Fuji Crystal Archive paper
Signed on the back with a turtle stamp
Comes wrapped in iris paper
And a handmade golden envelope

The box is individually numbered and handmade by Diane Vincent.

i join the crystal-eyed turtle's hand is an invitation to open our imagination, following an age-old wise creature to view our world in multiple layers, and listen to a polyphonic universe overflowed with colors.

The photographs have been created a few years ago while shooting with a digital camera, neither using double exposure nor applying post composing. This body of work was edited and published in 2015.

You can watch a video of the publication on vimeo.
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